Club Deportivo Washinkai Karate of Jávea celebrated their 10th Anniversary


Club Deportivo Washinkai Karate of Jávea celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a "gasshuku" - or intensive course  - of 4 days in Javea Municipal Sports Centre.

More than 50 of the total of 170 CD Washinkai students were taught by the three teachers: Francisco Gonzalez Saiz, the Vice - President of the Valencian Karate Federation de la Comunidad Valenciana, JJ Torrecillas Sanchez, European Tai Jitsu champion and Ray Sweeney, Chief Instructor of Washinkai in Spain.

The students practiced techniques from karate, judo y jujitsu which all form part of Washinkai Karate 

Following the Way of "Shugyo" – austere training - the students had also completed  4,000 sit-ups and more than 250 press-ups by the end of the course.  The event comemorated the 10 years of the founding of the Club and was also a way of paying homage to the many students who achieved their black belts with Washinkai during this decade 

The course was brought to a close by Sensei Ray Sweeney who talked about the true significance of kata in an emotive discussion.

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