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21 services designed to provide expat families (both recent and ‘veterans’!) living on the Costa Blanca with professional solutions to the many challenges they may encounter in their daily lives, often because of the language barrier and unfamiliarity with local rules, providers etc.

legal services, health and dental services, second medical opinion, veterinary assistance, care for the elderly, real-estate consultancy, online translator service, key holding, online computer assistance, management of special events, online high-tech devices support, repairs in and around the home, insurances, telepharmacie, Alicante airport parking, administrative agency, general information, reservations and deliveries, mobile phone lock protection and, last but not least, cancelation of credit cards


A)  Legal Telephone Assistance:

This service involves the handling of legal consultations by phone or e-mail regarding any legal questions concerning the bys member’s personal and family matters, provided the issues in question are related to Spanish Law.

This service is rendered by the lawyer team of the LEGÁLITAS Client Service Phone Center.

Consultations will be attended to by licensed attorneys, specialized in the area of the consultation. An answer will be given either immediately or within a maximum of 72 hours, in case of necessary research.

There is no time limit for the consultation with the lawyer, thereby ensuring a complete resolution of the matter in question.

Consultation by telephone is from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, - except for Spanish National Holidays. There is also a 24 hour line, every day of the year, for legal emergencies.

Please note that, in compliance with our strict code of professional ethics, if two clients with conflicting interests are involved in the same case, only the person with more seniority in the service contract with bys will be attended.

B)  24-Hour Emergency Legal Telephone Assistance every day of the year:

A 24 hour legal protection service for bys members, every day of the year, for urgent consultations which require an immediate intervention in any of the following areas:

-Vehicle-related incidents: accidents, theft, problems with tow-trucks, etc.

-Domestic-related incidents: noise, fumes and other disturbance emanating from neighbouring houses, buildings, shops, discotheques, bars, etc.

- Domestic incidents: unforeseen damages such as leaks, broken pipes, flood, fire or theft.

- Child-related incidents: fights, robbery, police statements or arrest, etc.

-Situations in which any member of the family is the subject of a crime:

robbery or theft, breaking in and entering, entering without permission swimming pools  or any other private property; injuries and  other crimes against life, abuse, violence or bullying in schools or nurseries.

-Consumer claims: lost items, blockage or non-return of credit card, acquisition of goods through television sales, food poisoning, and damage caused by faulty products, etc.

- Claims involving injuries caused by pets,  both for having suffered bites or other damage to any member of the family, or for having being reported as the owner of the animal that caused the damage.

-Privacy Policy

-Information on consumer rights

- Claims against banks or companies


-Information about tax returns


-Review of a sales contract

- Review of house rental contract and its implications.

-Claims related to consumer products or services

- Negotiations by our lawyers with the possible opponent in a current case: companies, private persons, etc.

Bys is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by bys members and cannot therefore be held liable for inaccurate or insufficiently updated information given by them.


With bys Driver Protection, we will handle problems that may result from fines and sanctions.

We will write letters in your defense of sanctioning procedures in administrative and administrative proceedings, involving traffic and road-safety matters.

Our lawyers continually review changes regarding road-safety legislation, closely monitoring the potential impact on your driving license points.

And of course, they will advise you on all legal inquiries you may have related to motor-vehicle traffic and road-safety

With bys Driver Protection, we will organize the problems that may result from fines and sanctions.

We will write letters in your defense in sanctioning procedures involving traffic and road-safety matters in administrative and executive proceedings.

Our lawyers continually review changes regarding road-safety legislation, closely monitoring the potential impact on your driving license points.

And, of course, will advise you on all legal queries you may have related to motor vehicle traffic and road-safety.

To guarantee the quality of our services, we have partnered, and will only work with the very best national and international providers; professionals specialized in all the areas covered by our bys Family Services.

All the above services are included in the yearly subscription fee.


As a complement to legal assistance, for disputes that require, or result in, judicial or extrajudicial proceedings, Legálitas will refer bys members to a specialized office of its national network in or nearest their hometown.

The terms of customer attendance in any of these offices are very favourable, offering bys members substantial savings on fees, from 10% to 50%, depending on the nature of the case and the geographic location, without any prior commitment by the bys member.

If a bys member needs to personally attend a judicial proceeding, there will be a 50 Euro fee-discount, with the only condition that a Legálitas network office will be used.



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