Indemnities in case of temporal disease or accident

Would you like to AVOID POSSIBLE ECONOMIC EXPENSES in your business in case of disease or accident? GET AN INDEMNITY every day you can't develop your normal professional activity.


Mapfre presents you a policy of daily indemnities in case of sick leave or maternity leave, which is a completely innovation in the world of insurances. Very few companies offer this kind of insurance, and none of them with a lower price than ours!


Whichever profession you have: housekeeper, student, musician, writer, artist, fireman, sportsman... You would receive an economic protection in case of accident or disease every day, EASILY and IMMEDIATE! This will be in one payment and from the moment you inform us.


It isn't needed a medical examination to get the insurance, but only to complete a brief medical questionnaire. You can contract an amount of money from 6 to 30 euros per day of indemnity. The number of days of indemnity is stated in a list depending on the kind of accident or disease.


And this won't cost you a lot! Here are some examples of annual payments with the option of receiving 20€ per day of indemnity:


Housekeeper of 35 years old: 29,32€/year

Butcher of 40 years old: 37,78€/year

Student of 23 years old: 49,1€/year


There is also an optional warrant in case of hospitalization. You would get an additional indemnity every day you must stay in hospital.


Interesting discounts and a prize draw for an extra insurance among first 100 applications!


For more information, write us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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