Fitness for Winter

Is it just me or does the onset of Autumn find you longing for the taste of comfort food? Throughout the long , hot Spanish Summer I´ve been happily shovelling chilled gazpacho soup, salads, sorbets and white wine spritzers down my all I want are pies, pasties, doorstep sandwiches, cheese on toast, rich soups, stews, and school puds like treacle sponge & custard,  washed down with a warming robust rioja!! All very satisfying, but not exactly the healthiest fodder on the planet, and guaranteed to expand the waistline quicker than Jordan changes boyfriends.

However, it doesn´t always work like CAN have your ´cake` AND eat it! The secret is to consume the food you enjoy in moderation, and get plenty of exercise to work off all the calories. Get yourself is the perfect time to walk & hike in the mountains, so much fresher after the Summer heat. Take up jogging or power walking. Set yourself time or distance targets, so that you can guage how much fitter you are getting.......and when things get tough and you think you can´t be bothered, just imagine what tasty treat you can reward yourself with when you get home.

Of course, the alternative is to join a gym or fitness studio. The instructors will be happy to devise a programme specifically for your needs, targets, and current fitness levels. Don´t be afraid to ask!!

At Casa Fitness in Albir we encourage our clients to try lots of different activities within the gym, to challenge the body, and stop boredom setting in. Fitness classes are an ideal way of getting into shape, burning fat, and calories in a short space of time. We have classes in aerobics, pilates & body conditioning. But the ´king`  of fat-burn is undoubtedly the ´spin class` - 45 minutes of cycling on static bikes, following orders from the instructor, and sweating buckets in the process. Be warned though these classes are highly addictive, as the ´feel-good` endorphins released during the intense exercise sessions, make you feel fantastic ( at least after the class, not necessarily during it!!).

If you fancy giving one of the classes a go..........give us a call on 695 747 669,  call in to see us opposite the Albir Playa hotel, next to the fountain roundabout in Albir, or check out our website See you at the gym!!

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