Publish Event on Diary

Clubs and Association are able to enter Club Events into the Costa Blanca Clubs Events calendar for free.

Club Events can be accessed via the Club Events menu or upcoming events will be listed at the bottom of the home page in the Latest Events list.

To enter you Club Event please follow these steps:

  • Log-in to the website via the community panel on the top right hand side of the page. If you have not got an account please create one first. (Follow the create a user account help document for more details)
Log In
  • Once you are logged in you will see a new item in the Club Events menu "Add Event". This will take you to the Event Entry form.
    Event Menu
  • Fill in the relevant information into the Event Edit form. Please note the following information about the  fields:
Event Details
  1. Subject - This is the title of your event and is a compulsory field. (Please try and make this representative about the event rather than “Club Meeting”)
  2. Category - Select the relevant category from the drop down list
  3. Access level - Leave as Public
  4. Activity - This is where you enter the text information for your event. Text can be formatted  using the tools at the top of the window Bold, Colour, Underlined etc.
  5. Location - Enter the location of the event
  6. Contact - Enter any contact details to find out more information about the event.
  7. Extra Information - Enter any further information about the event.
  • You now need to set the time and date of your event. Click on the “Calendar” tab at the top of this form and fill in the time and date information. You will be able to enter repeat information about multiple events.
Event Date
You have now finished your article for the Club News section. Click on “Save” at the top of the page. Once the event has been reviewed by the site moderator it will be posted on Costa Blanca Clubs calendar.

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