How to Enter your Club

Any non profit Club or Association is able to register themselves onto Costa Blanca Clubs for free.

Registered Clubs on Costa Blanca Clubs can be accessed by any users on the website either via the Club menu or via the category shortcut on the left hand side of most pages.

Clubs are registered by the type of Club and its geographical location.

To register your Club please follow these steps:

  • Log-in to the website via the Member Login on the top right hand side of the page. If you have not got an account please create one first. (Follow the create a user account help document for more details)
Log In
  • Once you are logged in you will see a new item in the club menu "Add Club". There are other ways to enter this option including the "Enter New Club" banner below the login panel or the "Add Entry" link in the Club Categories below this.
Club Menu
  • Fill in the relevant information into the Add New Entry form. Fields with an asterisk are required fields. Please note the following information about the other fields:
Club Entry Form
  1. Club Name - This will be the title of your listing and should be the name by which your club is known
  2. Club Address (Street, Postocode, County and Country) - This should be used if your club has a physical address and your listing will then have a google map link to this address.
  3. City - This is the city in which your town operates. If your club operates over the entire Costa Blanca Area, select Costa Blanca as your town. If your town is not on the lust please contact us and we will update our listing.
  4. Email - each club must have a registered working e-mail address.
  5. Club Website - If your club has its own website, entering its address in this field will create a link to it on your clubs listing.
  6. Facebook - If your club has a facebook page it can now create a link to it from your profile. Enter the address of your facebook page here.
  7. Contact Person - The name of any main contact person for the club
  8. Phone, Fax, Mobile - Contact telephone numbers for your club, please note these will be visible on your listing.
  9. Description - This is a free text field to allow you to describe what your club does.
  10. Meeting Time, Venue and Days - These free text fields will allow you to publish when your club meets and where.
  11. Number of Members - This information is used internally only and is not published on your listing.
  12. Age Range - Use this field if your club has a specific age range.
  13. Permission to pass on data - Costa Blanca Clubs works with a number of business. Their support allows us to operate the site free of charge for all of our registered Clubs and Association. From time to time we will pass on special offers from these businesses.
Club Entry Form

  • Your club listing can also have pictures and documents attached to it:
Club Pictures
  1. The image gallery allows you to post pictures of your club activities. These can be added to at any time. Click on brows to find the picture on your local machine and then upload to include them on the listing. Please note pictures should be less than 2mb.
  2. Upload files allows you to have up to three documents to download from your listing. Very useful for club posters, newsletters etc.
  3. Logo allows you to have your club's logo attached to your listing.

  • Your club can now choose to put its meeting pace on its profile in the form of a google map. The map on this form will work like a google map. You can zoom in and out and move it to find your clubs position. Once you have found this click on the map and you will see the coordinates set in the fields above.
  • Meta information is used by search engines like google to find your information. In keywords enter about 6 words that sumarise your club, separated by a comma. In Description enter a sentence of about 10 words about your club.
Meta Tags

  • Categories - Clubs can be entered into up to five categories. The list on the left are the main categories and if you click on the plus (+) sign next to each one you will see the sub categories that you can add your clubs too. If you need a category which is not listed, please contact us and we will update our listing. Click the sub category you require and then click the arrows that point to the right. Categories that have been attached to your club will be listed in the box on the right.
Club Categories
  • You must accept the terms and conditions to be accepted on the site.

You have now finished entering the information. Click send to submit the listing for approval. Once our moderators have approved the listing your club will be included on Costa Blanca Clubs.

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